Tales of a Dekinosai

Don’t tell @Dekinosai this but I get a little wet when I see this… .________.


Don’t tell @Dekinosai this but I get a little wet when I see this… .________.

An Update about FTL

Just a quick update here. I won’t be making any more videos for FTL: Faster Than Light due to lack of interest. If it doesn’t catch, it just doesn’t catch, and you can’t help that.

For the most part, it’s more fun for me to play streaming it. The videos are difficult to get into, and commentary for it can get very repetitive, very fast. That being said, I’m still pleased and satisfied with the videos, and I’m happy if even one person got enjoyment from watching that series while it lasted.

Instead, I’m gonna spend the time completing my playthrough for Majora’s Mask, and hooking back up with The Spectrum to see what we can do about future videos.

Thanks for watching. I hope to be starting more awesome game series in the coming future, after Majora’s Mask. ♥

PS: All Livestreams happen at http://twitch.tv/Dekinosai. If you follow that channel, you’ll be emailed the instant I start streaming. Typical stream times are 9:00~11:00pst, though lately I’m giving a heavy focus on developing my YouTube channel instead.

The start of my return! This is Episode 31 of Majora’s Mask. I posted this on YouTube yesterday, and I’m hellbent on posting once every day for the remainder of this month. In this part, we start the Zora’s Egg fetch quest.

Many mysterious things are going on behind that giant rock. And by the time the rock is destroyed, it’s already too late to help. But now that we have the awesome power of explosives on our side, I think it’s time we go back there and lend a helping hand to a little girl in need.


Ok first of dont get too excited about the images here (or upset!) THESE ARE MOCKUP IMAGES, they aren’t real in the slightest. none of the thing shows in these images have any validity to the content you will find in the remake of the binding of isaac, these were just made to test and see how the…

I like number 4 the best, though all of them are very nice. Long-time Isaac players would also appreciate an option to play in the original art style, too. If that’s at all possible, definitely consider it!

December Self-Reflections

As the year comes to an end, I have to think to myself: How did I do this year? What can I do better?

I honestly feel that my main issue is scheduling. I need to schedule times for me to do specific things. If I do that, my work will be significantly easier. I’m thinking recording in bulk will be a lot easier on me, and I still want to continue livestreaming when I can. So here is what I want to try.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will be my streaming days. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays will be my recording days. I want to slowly ease into this routine. If I can master time management, I will be able to keep up with my channel, streaming, and my normal life.

The recording days would be spent recording Let’s Play content for the week after. So episodes would be ideally recorded up to a week in advance, scheduled for publishing at appropriate times, similar to how TV shows publish their content.

My goal is to have things done ahead of time, so that I can have more time to focus on my life, as well as my hobby. I wanna spend more time with my girlfriend. I wanna work out and get back into shape. There are lots of things that I’ve been neglecting by just “Winging it”, that I feel I can get back by simple time management.

I hope this can work. If so, my new years resolution would be to restore the order in my life that I must’ve left behind when I got caught up in being lazy.

A Message for You.


Sub boxes are broken.

Sub box defaults to highlights for most people, does not save when you choose everything.

When you scroll down the sub box, clicking “Show more videos” either does nothing, or will just show the same videos over again. Due to this, if you get pushed out of the first page of…


Someone important to me is in pretty bad shape right now… She was gone all of yesterday. I saw her early this morning, before I went to work, and she told me she’d gone to a hospital because she was in really bad condition…

When I came back from work, she wasn’t there. I have only to assume she’s in the hospital once more. I hope they’re treating her okay. I hope she’ll make it.

Hang in there, you…